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How to choose the right moment to hook?

Many anglers appreciate the excitement of fishing in different ways, but in general, they agree on one thing - a successful cut is the main condition for successful fishing. Actually, mastery of this technique speaks about the degree of professionalism of the fisherman. At the same time, you can learn to make a jerk in time at any age, the main thing here is understanding how the fish will behave with the bait.

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Carp fishing dough, popular recipes

Every fisherman, regardless of professionalism, knows that one of the main conditions for a large catch is a well-chosen bait. Crucian dough is the most popular hook attachment that has no analogues in the number of possible recipes. You can fish on flour balls at any time of the year and in any accessible body of water.

What can not be done during a thunderstorm: rules of conduct?

Natural elements are unpredictable and not always safe. Thunderstorm is one of the most dangerous natural phenomena, since during it there is a powerful electric discharge that can cause fires, accidents with injuries and deaths. In most cases, a thunderstorm is a danger to humans only if they do not comply with safety rules.

How to choose the best tourist bowler hat?

A tourist bowler hat will provide hot tea on a halt, and a hearty, restorative, energy and energy porridge with lard, and a fragrant ear of freshly caught fish. So the question of choosing this necessary tourist attribute is far from last. Tourist bowler at the stake Types of tourist bowlers Inexperienced tourists who are going on their first trip can shrug their shoulders in perplexity, they say what other types of bowlers, the pan is the pan, the main thing is to conveniently place it on an open fire.

How to choose a backpack for carrying children on their backs

Perhaps no one will argue that a tourist backpack for carrying children is able to make life easier for tourists who have recently become parents. Still, the birth of children makes serious adjustments to the lives of people who are accustomed to lead an active lifestyle. Ordinary tourism becomes completely impossible - you cannot leave children at home, and a two-year-old child simply cannot walk several kilometers through the forest on his own.

Army rations

A fighter’s nutrition should be high-calorie, rational, including all the necessary nutrients to maintain physical strength and endurance in the service. The ideal food for the soldier is fresh, hot food, but this is not always achievable. For field nutrition, an individual diet (IRP) is provided, which has a different name for army dry rations.

The best flashlight for hunting: selection criteria and popular models

The amount of booty brought directly depends on the skill and completeness of the equipment, and in this aspect, the under-barrel flashlight for hunting is considered indispensable: a correctly selected device contributes to effective aimed shooting in night conditions. Options designed for smooth-bore guns are in demand for bird hunting, small and large animals (wild boars, moose).

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How to choose glasses for swimming?

Goggles are an indispensable element of equipment for both professional swimmers and amateurs. Moreover, points differ not only in cost, but also in their intended use. And it is precisely on how correctly the choice is made that determines the comfort and safety of the swimmer. Therefore, it is important to know what types of swimming goggles exist, as well as the features of choosing an accessory.

Bike for tourism - model overview

Recently, when it became possible to choose a high-quality bicycle for tourism, there were many times more fans of cycling. But how to choose a good car, which will pass along mountain paths without unnecessary shaking and stops, and overcome bumps of country roads, and ride on the highway with a breeze. A bicycle for tourism should be durable and comfortable A bicycle for hiking: basic requirements Regardless of whether your future route has been laid along steep mountain passes, along forest roads or along a high-speed highway, you should choose a bicycle for hiking based on the following general principles: Ease.

How to assemble a tent with figure eight

Confusion often arises, especially among inexperienced travelers, when collecting and folding a tent. It is important to disassemble it correctly, so that the design is compact, does not take up much space and fits into the case. The eight-fold principle helps a lot for compact storage and easy carrying.

8 essential items for fishing

Traditional fishing is a popular leisure activity. But without special equipment, the process of fishing becomes difficult. Agree, being away from home without the right things is not a very pleasant prospect. When going outdoors, do not forget to put all the attributes associated with your favorite business in a backpack.

Hunter's vest: mission, types and making with your own hands

The hunter's vest is an integral part of the ammunition of almost any adherent of one of the oldest male occupations. Such popularity of this hunting attribute is explained by its multifunctionality, a wide variety of types and models (from a simple waistcoat bandoleer to a tactical unloading vest), the possibility of self-production.

What does a trap look like and where is it used for hunting?

The compact photo trap for hunting is actively used not only in the field: it is indispensable in many areas of life that require the installation of subtle remote control. The equipment is most in demand in order to provide convenient conditions for observation, tracking representatives of the animal world.

Lynx tracks in the snow: how to locate a wild cat

Experienced trackers know that a lot of information can be found out from the print of an animal’s footprint: gender, age, where it was headed, and how long it was. Tracks of lynx in the snow are quite characteristic and not difficult to identify. The traveler who discovered them has the opportunity not only to see this wild cat, but also to study its behavior in its natural habitat.

First aid for mushroom poisoning: action plan

Unfortunately, mushroom poisoning is not uncommon. It happens, as a rule, because of the inexperience of the people themselves, because far from all species are suitable for eating, and some may cause significant damage to health. First aid for mushroom poisoning is important information that all lovers need to know to harvest in the forest.

How to make a flint

Flintly With the help of a flint, the possibility of obtaining an open flame, sometimes necessary for survival, becomes simply salvation. In addition, it happens that during the campaign the matches got wet, ran out, and the lighter was lost. To make a fire, you need a flint. It consists of three elements: armchairs, tinder and flint.

Safe ice thickness for winter fishing

Winter fishing is an exciting and interesting hobby. However, it is fraught with danger - at any moment the ice under the fisherman may fail, and the person will be in cold water. To protect yourself and your friends, it is important to know what is the safe ice thickness for fishing. Ice formation on water bodies of Russia Ice formation on water bodies Most of the territory of Russia is located in the northern latitudes, and the winter here lasts up to 9 months.

Weapon bluing: methods and features of technology

Initially, gun bluing was extremely practical, protecting the metal from corrosion. Today, the coating is also used to return the metal to its original appearance, in addition, blackening looks much more effective and less noticeable in hunting conditions than the metallic luster. When burnishing is necessary The concept of "burnishing" came to us from the distant 1880, when it was often practiced by the best gunsmiths of that time.

How to make snowshoes with your own hands?

The price tag for good snowshoes is at least 7,000 rubles. Much less cost will be required for making snowshoes with your own hands at home. Moreover, everything you need can often be found in everyday life. Snowshoes: characteristics and manufacturing options. A device for moving on snow artificially increases the size of a person's foot.